Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I haven't quite figured out what I want to dedicate this blog to, but I must say that I find very many things interesting throughout my daily routines. I try to be eclectic in what I write about and share anything that catches my eye as much as possible with others. So my posts will most likely concentrate around education (I'm a high school Spanish teacher) and I love entertainment. When I say entertainment, it means anything from music, dance, theater, books, or celebrities. Anything is anything. Good or bad, I may post about it.

I have found, however, that at times what catches my eye is mildly trivial to others. But to begin, let me tell you about myself. I am Filippino- American and I have been living in the United States since I was 7 years old. Let's just say that I have been in the US for over two decades now and I've done my share of getting to know parts of the country. I've met many people through my travels and some I'd like to forget while others I would love to have closer to me.

As my blog title states, this is going to be something that will tell you about things that happen with me throughout the year. It most likely will not be "everyday", but it will most likely become that.

I hope that I keep your interest and thank you for stopping by. :-)


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