Prom 2016 DJ Song Requests!!

We are almost 2 months away from Prom 2016! This year, prom will once again be at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center near the airport and Valley View Mall. In preparation for the big night, this year, our event DJ has a system set up for everyone to request songs for the event. 

RSP Entertainment has a very interactive way for you to request music they would like to hear at their upcoming event. It's so easy, anyone can do it!

Here’s how it works.
1. Go to from a desktop or laptop computer
2. Click on the "Music" Link
3. Click on the link under "GUEST REQUESTS"
4. Enter the following information:
Group: WBHS
Password: Prom

It's best to access this through a desktop/laptop computer, however it can be accessed on a mobile device, but it's not as easy to navigate.  Once you are on this page, you can search through their extensive music collection and add the songs you would like to hear. The list then compiles and shows how often each song is requested as more and more people start making requests. The final list is then sent to RSP ENTERTAINMENT 1 day before the event in the order of most to least requested to make sure they have all of the music and can pre-make a music list with all of the popular hits! I recommend you try it also just to see how it works, and get a few of your own requests in there :-). They will still take requests on the day of the event so don't worry if you didn't get your latest favorite song on the request list before the event. Do let me know if you have any issues with the page and I'll relay the information on to RSP Entertainment. 

As for other Prom 2016 related items... STAY TUNED! I'll be posting information the closer we get to the event! 


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