Prom 2015 Committee meeting!!

You're probably wondering if you read that title correctly or not, and I assure you, you did not. It is almost THAT time already and it's time for me to get my committee together for this year's prom! So... to start our new year out, I will be holding a meeting the first week that we get back from our winter break. 

So soon, you ask? Why of course! It is NEVER too early to start planning! There is so much to do and decide upon that we must have the next 4 months to properly plan and decide upon things such as decorations, colors, theme, invitations and so MUCH more. 

Now, if you're interested I'll see you on Wednesday, January 7th at 3:30 pm in my room! Mark your calendars! GO. Do it now! Don't know where I am? Ask at the front office or email me at


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