Prom 2014 Dinner Menu

There have been LOTS of questions on what will be served at prom this weekend. So... here you go.

The dinner buffet includes the following items: 

Lettuce Bar: 
Arcadia Blended Greens (tri colored shredded carrots, grape tomato, cucumber)
Spinach Arugula Blend (julienne red pepper, fried crouton)

Composed Salads: 
Waldorf salad (diced apples, shaved celery, walnuts, grapes, lemon honey mayonnaise)
Tortellini and roasted tomato (cheese tortellini, pesto vinaigrette)

Entree choices: 
Herb grilled chicken (boursin cream sauce)
Dijon and fennel crusted pork loin (dijon and shaved fennel, fig and natural jus emulsion)
Chesapeake Bay pasta (with shrimp and scallops, smithfield ham cream sauce)


zucchini, squash melange

Dessert choices: 
Mocha Pot de Crème
Almond Fruit Tart
Double Chocolate Torte


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